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Interactive fitness games for kids must have a heightened sense of engagement and excitement. Kids will not participate in things they see as “boring” or dull. Their attention span will allow them to lose focus quickly, not gaining anything from the game. Great interactive fitness games for kids, like the ones we offer at Motion Fitness, invigorate their senses and get them moving while they learn.

CardioWall Compact Duo.

This is a unique way to get kids moving. They will have fun as they squat, balance, stretch, and reach. Workouts like the CardioWall Compact Duo are great to form the basis of sports training routines and physical therapy programs. The CardioWall Compact Duo is an interactive fitness game for all ages, and it is completely customizable.

Someone playing with the CardioWall Compact Duo.

Kids playing with the MotionMagix Floor

MotionMagix Floor.

Exergame Fitness’ MotionMagix Floor will completely transform the experience at your facility. The MotionMagix floor transforms all floor surfaces into completely interactive areas, getting kids excited to jump on each circle while they immerse themselves into the activity. This user-friendly innovation brings the “wow-factor” for both kids and adults.

Trailblazer Traverse.

It’s no secret that kids love video games. Video games have tried to incorporate elements of fitness since the 2000s and 2010s, when games like Wii Fit were among some of the most popular games on the market. We’ve taken this a step further with our CardioWall Compact Duo. This climb allows kids to keep score, making them feel like they’re earning points in a video game while they exercise.

A kid using the Trailblazer Traverse climbing wall.

Multiple kids using the Railyard Fitness Obstacle Course.

Railyard Fitness Obstacle Course.

Interactive fitness games should encourage kids to build endurance, balance, and strength as they actively engage their mind, body, and spirit. This obstacle course is both functional and fun, helping kids develop core skills that will be necessary as they navigate adulthood. This interactive fitness game also helps kids establish good posture, making them poised and ready for any situation.

Interactive fitness games for kids should keep them moving for the long haul. Kids need additional elements that keep them engaged, as their attention spans don’t always cooperate with other exercises that adults provide. With interactive fitness games, kids can collaborate, cooperate, and grow. The interactive fitness games from Motion Fitness are designed to foster growth within kids’ fitness.

Learn More About Our Interactive Kids' Games