Make Your Body The Controller

Jump, Stomp, and Run.

Turn any area into a virtual indoor playground that allows multiple players to interact with colorful graphics and sounds projected onto the floor. The Beam Interactive Floor is a perfect exergame for child care, daycare, birthday party rooms, lobbies, and more.


Bringing A Whole New Meaning To Touch Screen.

The BeamExergame Surface will turn any floor space into a multi-point interactive fitness experience. This interactive surface which can be as large as 18 feet widecreates a fun, exciting, and engaging experience by tracking users shadows with highly accurate motion sensing technology.

Multiple Games To Choose From

With a wide range of games, kids and adults can be entertained for hours while running and jumping around. Choose from nearly fifty exciting and engaging exergames that are sure to bring smiles to everyone who uses it along with an elevated heart rate!


Beam Floor offers an interactive virtual playground that captivates both children and adults in an entertaining, exciting, and innovative way.