Challenge yourself to a fun, high-intensity workout in just a few short minutes.

Multi-Use Training Tool

If you’re a kids fitness facility that’s looking to add a little more to the workouts, then we have some good news for you. We have a product that’s unlike any other on the market. The CardioWall Compact Duo is just the thing you need to challenge kids with a high-intensity workout that’s also fun. The CardioWall will challenge all age groups with squats, balance, stretches, and reaches. This form of kids fitness will also challenge the brain as well no matter how old or young the person is. As they challenge their bodies by exercising, they will also think as they follow and hit the different patterns of lighted pads. The CardioWall is a highly durable product that can be used with soft weights, balls, hands, or boxing gloves. This product is scientifically proven to provide cardio-workouts that can form the basis of sports training routines or physical rehabilitation programs. Learn more about this kids fitness product, when you watch the video.