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Taking CardioWall to the max, pushing every athlete to their limit

With the CardioWall Pro-X, users are challenged with 14 different light pods positioned on the edge of the athlete’s peripheral vision and reach. This pushes the user in improving their reaction and speed like never before.


CardioWall Pro-X Multi Use Training Tool

CardioWall challenges users to balance, stretch, squat, reach, and think as they must follow and hit the different patterns of lighted pads. The cardiowall is a highly durable product that can be used with soft weights, balls, hands, or boxing gloves. This product is scientifically proven to provide cardio-workouts that can form the basis of sports training routines or physical rehabilitation programs.

Key Features

Create your own workouts or simply hit start and go.
• 4 inbuilt games develop speed, stamina, mental alertness, reaction time, core strength, hand-eye coordination and balance.
• High visual impact and fully brandable.
• Ideal for rehabilitation and users with limited mobility, schools and youth sports training.
• Use individually, 1-on-1 or in teams/groups.
• Players receive a score to measure progress – fun and highly motivational.
• Space efficient – protrudes just 4” from the wall.

Specs and Product Information

Created to meet a demand from elite sport for flexibility, tuneable performance, exceptional responsiveness and enhanced reach, the Pro-X will push every athlete to their limits.

The 14 lightpads (up from the CardioWall’s 9) are arranged specifically so that they lie just around & outside the reach and on the edge of peripheral vision for the athlete.

Each arm of the Pro-X can be individually tuned for feel and response using the custom installed coil-over shock damper system – unique in the fitness arena.

The FitMakr Pro real time data display shows response time, score, left / right bias and even individual lightpad percentages. The FitMakr Pro enables users to track their performance across time – vital to monitor development or deterioration.

This data can be assessed offline and interrogated for even more insight – and more streams are being brought into the system all the time.

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