Turn any wall into a game!

Why Children Love the Beam Wall

Children and the entire family love the Beam Wall. Instantly, the interactive fitness and gaming system captures everyone’s attention, ignites children’s imaginations, and encourages exercise.

A Unique Customizable Advertising Solution

Beam can be leveraged to promote your brand or advertise sponsors with unique interactive effects while games are not being played. Logos can even be inserted within the game architecture to maximize brand equity. This useful function provides you with a versatile and practical way to optimize the use of Beam for the benefit of your facility.


“In this digital culture, many parents have come in and not interacted, but just watched their kids. Now, with the Beam Wall, we are actually seeing parents put their phones down and playing the games with their kids as one family unit instead of individually. This is our goal: FAMILY INTERACTION.”
Catie Richwine, Programming Coordinator and Curator Explorium Lexington, KY