A Revolutionary New Way to Play & Exercise!

PlayWall is a new interactive children’s lighting panel, combining LED lighting with motion sensing technology to create a fun and exciting exercise and play environment.

The PlayWall is one of our favorite fitness products because of everything that it has to offer. Not only can it help with exercise and getting into better shape, but it’s also fun and challenging for children. The PlayWall has internative lighting panels for kids as well as motion-sensing technology to keep the mind and the body stimulated during exercise and in a play environment. This fitness product also has two game modes, so there are constant challenges when it comes to getting in shape and having fun. Watch our video to learn whether this fitness product would be beneficial for your facility.


Play Wall features a network of full spectrum LEDs, sensors, and a wide variety of animated light games and program sequences.

Fun for the whole family PlayWall engages kids, tweens, parents and caregivers with interactive light games. Play Wall illuminated surface responds to touch by changing color, brightness and pattern. Kids, parents and friends can take turns or simultaneously touch the wall to make cool dynamic mood lights.

2 Game Modes:

  • Game mode: which promotes exercise, coordination, and fun.
  • Play mode: which turns the surface into a beautiful interactive color canvas.

Scalable – The PlayWall modes are programmable to be age appropriate. With variation in scale, speed and complexity of gameplay.image5Robust & Reliable –  Using proven LED sensor technology in a totally self-contained design, all that is required for operation is a 24 volt DC power supply.

Specs and Product Information

  • Product overall dimensions: 198 (W) X 104 (H) X 7 (D) Centimeters.
  • Play Surface: 152 X 92 Centimeters (horizontal landscape aspect ratio)
  • Weight: 42.3 Kilograms.
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, (thermoform parts) HDPE (surface material)
  • Mounting: Z-clip mounting, with positive lock screws.
  • Input Voltage: Universal Input, 85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz.
  • Touchscreen: 7″ Diagonal WVGA 800 X 480 Pixels, 24 Bit RGB, Portrait Mode.
  • Capacitive Touch Screen.
  • IR remote: Hand-held infrared remote control unit.Sound: Stereo, via twin internal speakers.
  • Score Display: (Option) Dual Score Counters, Countdown Clock.