Personalized Group Training Experience

New and revolutionary way to make group cycling more fun and personalized

CycloBEAT is a new, revolutionizing way to do indoor cycling in groups. It is engaging and accessible to everyone because the winner isn’t determined by fitness levels. Instant feedback, stunning environments, and flexible phases create an immersive, social workout with this exergaming product.

CycloBEAT answers to the needs of modern group training — where exercising becomes an experience and can be modified for each participant’s individual needs.

Power and heart rate-based indoor cycling

Earning points in the virtual race is based on how well the participants can reach and maintain the Target Percentage (of either Max Power Output or Max Heart Rate). While all participants cycle as a group in a single exergaming session, high points allow individuals to overtake others.

The target and intensity will change during the race, providing high-intensity exercise and active recovery. cycloBEAT’s programs have been designed by fitness professionals so that anyone can participate in smart training at their own fitness level.

The social aspect evolves during the race by having individual, competitive, and cooperative phases of exergaming. Success is all about teamwork and accurately following the target percentage.