The New Age of Gaming Bikes

Bring Your Workout Into a Virtual Reality

The Trixter exerbike combines the best of both worlds when it comes to working out and gaming. With this new age gaming bike, you can expect a spin cycle because it uses a chain drive. It also has the feeling of a road style bike and electronically controlled resistance to change gears just like you would do with a road cycle. Essentially, you’re able to get a great workout in while also continuing to play some of your favorite games.

Additionally, the resistance is changed with a button on the handlebars with a (+) and a (-) indicator. This will help you ramp up your workout or wind it down much easier. Whether you want to add this exerbike into a home or a fitness facility, you can expect a workout like you’ve never had. For additional details on this exerbike and how it can be a beneficial addition to any establishment, you can contact us today.