Engage – Motivate – Retain

Step into WebRacing Exergame System

Web racing is another form of exercise that will leave your customers at your fitness facility excited to come back. This piece of exercise equipment will help to motivate your customers while also helping to retain them. The Experience Peloton Multi-Ride™ – an engaging virtual biking community experience will keep your customers excited to exercise. Peloton recreates you, the instructor, and your classmates as avatars on a multitude of riding courses where Effort = Action, Fun, and Excitement. We like to think this is the ultimate method for exercising since you’ll end up doing something much more frequently if you enjoy it. If you’d like to learn more about how to engage, motivate, and retain customers, we suggest that you contact us.

Racing For Any Age And Any Level

WebRacing Exergame is adaptive to a variety of group training styles and approaches. It perfectly complements personal instruction where the instructor decides how to interweave warm up sessions and sprint sessions. The instructor can either ride with the class – or let the Peloton program run fully automated and walk around the classroom to interact with individual members, one on one. Whatever you decided to do for your fitness facility, your customers will love since this piece of exercise equipment is such a treat to use.