Climb as high as you’d like; there’s no need for harnesses or rope.

Why Treadwall?

Simple. There is nothing to strap on, nothing to start up, and staffing requirements are minimal.

Climbers adjust their rate of ascent with the twist of a knob. Climbing angle changes with the turn of a wheel.
This exergame is fun. Some may climb because it’s there; for the rest of us, it’s got to be fun.


Great For All Ages And Experience

Reliable. Treadwall has a proven, 11-year track record.
More than 1,000 machines are in place worldwide. Operation is reliable, maintenance is minimal and service is swift.

Safe. Climbers are never more than 1-2 feet off the floor. When it’s time to stop, they just step down to the floor.

No Experience Necessary. If you can run, you can climb.
Just hop on and go — you set the pace. Treadwall adjusts automatically as you climb. It’s that simple.

Choosing the Right Model

The Exergame Treadwall is designed to bring the capabilities of an entire climbing gym to the limited space of a health club or similar facility. The freestanding and compact design of a Treadwall allows you to blend it into your environment, with a choice of sizes to fit your facility. Exterior exergame options are also available.