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Climb as high as you’d like; there’s no need for harnesses or rope.

Why Treadwall?

Simple. There is nothing to strap on, nothing to start up; staffing requirements are minimal.

Climbers adjust their rate of ascent with the twist of a knob. Climbing angle changes with the turn of a wheel.
It’s Fun. Some may climb because it’s there; for the rest of us, it’s got to be fun.



Great For All Ages And Experience

Reliable. Treadwall has a proven, 11-year track record.
More than 1,000 machines are in place worldwide. Operation is reliable, maintenance is minimal and service is swift.

Safe. Climbers are never more than 1-2 feet off the floor. When it’s time to stop, they just step down to the floor.

No Experience Necessary. If you can run, you can climb.
Just hop on and go – you set the pace, Treadwall adjusts automatically, as you climb. It’s that simple.

Choosing the Right Model

The Treadwall is designed to bring the capabilities of an entire climbing gym to the limited space of a health club or similar facility. The freestanding and compact design of a Treadwall allows you to blend it into your environment, with a choice of sizes to fit your facility. Exterior options are also available



Our most popular model is the M6 (6 ft. wide wall, 11 ft. ceilings). It has the largest climbing surface and allows for full extension and side-to-side movement while climbing. Climbers can take advantage of the great flexibility and range of movement built into climbing. All models feature the same solid design and industrial components.

Specifications: Treadwall PE 6×11/10
• Freestanding or optional Wall Mounted
• Dimensions: 9′(Wide) x 10′(Deep) floor, 11′(High), 10′ optional
• Weight: 1330 lbs.
• Wall Angle: 24 degrees total (+12 / -12)
• Power: 12 v for sensors only, no motor
• Counter: Feet, time, hear rate
• Warranty: 10 years on structural parts

M4 Pro

Perfect for adults, kids and training. The M4 Pro makes the activity of climbing and easy, fun and smart choice for any facility or home.

Specifications: Base Version M410 Pro
• Wall Angle: 25 degrees total (+5 / -20)
• Dimensions: 5′(Wide) x 8′(Deep) floor, 10′ 2″ tall
• Weight: 790 lbs.
• Power: 12 v for sensors only, no motor
• Counter: Feet, time, heart rate
• Includes Floor mat
• Warranty: 10 years on structural parts


The M4 Base is designed to be more compact, more affordable, and with a small footprint it fits anywhere.

Specifications: Base Version M410 Base
• Wall Angle: Vertical Only
• Dimensions: 4.5′(Wide) x 6′(Deep) floor, 10′ tall
• Weight: 750 lbs.
• Power: 12 v for sensors only, no motor
• Counter: Feet and time
• Includes Floor Mat
• Warranty: 10 years on structural parts


Climbing is what kids like best, and for children the Kidwall is a giant magnet. In retail settings, children’s museums, and public gatherings the kids line up and keep coming back for more. In schools, YMCAs, and community centers kids are drawn into this healthful activity. Best of all – Kidwall’s built in safety features means minimal staffing and peace of mind.

Kidwall lets kids climb at their own pace. Equipped with our patented Auto-Stop Technology, Kidwall moves only when the climber moves, keeping climbers safely 1 or 2 feet off the floor.

• Wall Angle: Vertical Only
• Dimensions: 5′(Wide) x 8′(Deep) floor, 10’2″ tall
• Weight: 790 lbs.
• Power: 12 v for sensors only, no motor
• Counter: Feet and time
• Includes Floor Mat
• Warranty: 10 years on structural parts

Our philosophy is to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.


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Exergame Fitness is leading a new movement incorporating technology into fitness. We provide a new way to engage people in fitness, through gamification and technology. By doing this, we create socially engaging, supportive, and inviting fitness communities worldwide.

A fun interactive room for kids 1-10 years old

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Benefits of Exergaming

Engagement, Fairness & Equality, Team Building, and Accoutability

Agility, Strength, and Coordination

Learning, Behavior, Memory, and Cell Growth

Rewards, Goal Setting, and Benchmarking

Disease Prevention and Endurance

The Evolution of Health and Fitness

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