The perfect ladder for climbing into shape.

The Faster You Go, The Faster It Goes

Do you want to incorporate a fitness product that will help your members reach fitness goals? The Jacob’s Ladder product is perfect to help your members get in the best shape. This fitness product will help those at your facility create a customized exercise plan. Your members will experience a great workout no matter if they are beginners or exercise enthusiasts. The Jacob’s Ladder is a patented commercial cardio machine specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and professionals. It is a unique design and will help your members reach their fitness goals.

This fitness product will place the user at a 40° angle in order to take stress off of the lower back. Because Jacob’s Ladder is self-paced, the faster you go, the faster it goes, in order to stop, just slow down. Jacob’s Ladder is also self-powered, so without the need for an electrical outlet, you can place it anywhere in your facility. Do you have questions, concerns, or you’d like to know why this product is a preferred one? For more information about this fitness product, make sure to contact us.