1. Illinois State University Metcalf School Add Lu Interactive Projection

    Illinois State Laboratory Schools provide schools in which excellence in education theory and practice can be observed, studied and practiced by teacher candidates and other pre-service school professionals. Schools throughout central Illinois visit U-High and Metcalf often to speak with faculty and administration and observe educational movements taking place.  Being on the cutting edge of physi…Read More

  2. East Laurens Schools Install Lu Interactive Duo System for PE

      Laurens County Schools are student-centered communities of learners that challenge students to become independent critical thinkers, problem solvers, and contributing citizens. As part of their top notch Physical Education program, they wanted to figure out a way to bring more technology into the classroom.  Nothing works better than the Lu Interactive Projection System! Lü transforms tra…Read More

  3. Back to School Lu Interactive Exergame Specials for Physical Education

      Lü is an interactive playground projection system that uses sounds, lights and video to transform any gymnasium sized space into an engaging, immersive and FUN video game. The gym mode is the standard Lü configuration. It is typically installed in high ceilings environments where the main light module has attached speakers and is either rigged or suspended to the ceiling.  Perfect for an…Read More

  4. Projection Wall Lu Interactive Brings Academics to Fitness in PE

      Lu Interactive helps educators foster smart and curious children by engaging their intelligence and learning styles using compelling activities, tools, and immersive experiences. Lu supports health, sports, fitness, and physical education leading to a quality, active lifestyle. Bring powerful experiences to help develop confidence, empathy, self esteem, interpersonal skills, and anxiety and…Read More