Trailblazer Interactive Climbing Wall


The Trailblazer is both physically and mentally stimulating engaging children for longer than a traditional climbing wall. It delivers a wow factor with a high-tech feel for schools, trampoline parks, youth-based facilities, etc. Health benefits like agility, coordination, mental alertness, balance, core body strength can all be improved. The Trailblazer can be used up to 4 players at a time, so you can promote good decision making and teamwork. It’s also socially engaging as it can be played individually or in groups. Develop good social skills by developing group play and communication. Users of any age or ability can enjoy and benefit from using the Trailblazer. Simple game play and instructions offer fun, excitement, and stimulation for all ages. It’s extremely effective for users who have Autism.


  • 16 multi-color LED hand grips
  • 2 or 4 built in programs for individuals, multiplayer
  • Available as either a wall-mounted or free-standing unit

The Trailblazer offers a high-tech feel that can be a feature for any environment. Increase your competitive spirit by challenging yourself or others to beat your top score. It also challenges you cognitively by motivating the mind and body. Bottomline, Trailblazer is a terrific way to engage your customers with 21st century technology.  They will want to climb longer then return for more!